Global Community, Local Resources

The Bare Sole Project aids in disaster relief efforts by providing immediate needed resources to displaced persons, and offering networking and marketing solutions for local grassroots organizations to connect to, and share their story in, our Global Community.

We provide free services and resources to a limited number of cases through our Emergency Relief Fund. This includes emergency housing, and a unique support program that gives our registered displacees access to remote resources such as e-gift cards and sponsored chat rooms for peer-to-peer groups and pro bono consulting.

The BSP is a website; at most, an idea; and our parent company is a for-profit LLC. We raise and distribute funds under the universal laws of Love and Trust. Our goal is to put resources directly in the hands of people who need, and know how, to use them.

We house those who can’t survive in the elements, and work with those who can, such as many of our chronically homeless brothers and sisters who are legitimately displaced, to come up with economical survival solutions that make more dollars available to the next case.

Disaster Relief Zones

Bare Sole Project was proud to support relief efforts for evacuees and people displaced by wildfires in Lane County, OR, and surrounding areas, in September 2020. We provided emergency funds and temporary housing options for people who lost their homes just days, even hours, before we met.

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Bare Sole Project provides relief to residents of disaster-affected zones and impoverished communities. Your donations go directly to providing lodging, food, and supplies to individuals in immediate need.

Holiday Farm Fire Update

The Holiday Farm Fire burned hundreds of thousands of acres and displaced thousands of residents.

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In response to the recent wildfires in Oregon, the Bare Sole Project processed more than 40 cases of displaced persons, including families, through our hosted forms We lodged over two dozen, and supported many more. We had no idea this was going to be our role in the relief effort. Our online community rose to the occasion, thanks to a little ranting and begging from our founder, and together we raised over $6,000 in around a week! This money went primarily towards emergency housing.