Vehicle Fire Strands Adventurer

Sara, aka Kip Elderberry is a free spirit van liver hailing from Upstate NY. This hard working, hard adventuring, big loving traveler built an efficient and sustainable road lifestyle, and then the worst happened. Her carefully maintained van burst into flames while driving down a South Dakota highway on Monday.

She had just enough time to grab guitar, phone, and wallet. What she’s been able to salvage is covered in the soot of her home, and chemical fire retardant.

It’s hard to imagine, but she just lost everything. Despite that, Kip is in good spirits and accepting loving support from friends. The BSP asks you to help send immediate needed funds to help this inspiring person continue their adventures.

A True Nomad

More than wheels – During and between epic adventures, Kip has lived primarily out of this van for the better part of a year. Check out this great use of space!

CLICK HERE for handy items you should keep in your vehicle for emergencies.

Spirit of Adventure Embodied

People like Kip push limits, explore places, and test their humanity in ways the rest of us can’t or won’t. I get a lot of inspiration from following Kip’s Instagram page.

If you appreciate a remote mountain sunset, the magic of road life, or the thrill of lead climbing in back country, you should check it out too. CLICK HERE to follow @kipkiphoorayy

Road Zen

It takes time, practice, and patience to learn how to live on The Road, and courage to do it alone. We can all learn a lot from people who master nomadic lifestyles. They’re like needles that pass through the fabric of our society. It behooves us to keep these people moving.

Sharing the Love

Ever the musician and artist, Kip shares her passions, and the abundance of her experiences with those around her.

Kip with fellow adventurer Meg Holohan. This duo has covered ground together in some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the USA.

Bare Sole Project Relief Fund

Help us provide immediate needed resources to people in disaster areas and other crisis situations. “No One Runs Alone!” Donate to our Relief Fund.

CLICK HERE to read about our efforts to support evacuees during the Holiday Farm Fire.

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