Fire Managers Remind Public to Stay Out of Closed Areas

By Sierra Larson

With Highway 126 (McKenzie Highway) reopened, it may seem like things are getting back to normal, but there is still much to do in terms of managing the Holiday Farm Fire. Hunting season began today, leading forestry officials and firefighters alike to worry about people accidentally wandering into closed areas.

Photo by Malachi Brooks

“The fire and the preceding wind event have changed a lot of things across the landscape and added many hazards that weren’t there previously. Firefighters have worked to identify and mitigate many of these hazards, however, they still remain throughout the fire area,” Incident Commander Joe Hessel said.

“We still have over 450 firefighters out working to secure fire lines against further spread, and we’re simultaneously beginning to address the potential for complex environment and at this point, we’re just asking folks to stay out of the fire area,” Hessel continued. “It’s for your safety and the safety of our firefighters.”

Even after the fire is out, damage resource professionals will continue to assess roads, bridges, and recreational areas. Some areas may be closed for work long-term to ensure safety. Forestry officials are frequently evaluating closures and posting updates regularly.

Fire managers have requested that no one park on the shoulders of Highway 126 and follow the newly reduce speed limit Of 45 miles per hour. The highway is open, but most of the area remains closed and travellers should not attempt to travel on closed roads.

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