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No One Runs Alone – Episode 1 – Introduction & Premise No One Runs Alone

Hi my name is Barefoot Jake Brown and I’m pleased to announce the Bare Sole Project team and I are working on a podcast which will be hosted by myself and will feature the people, places, and ideas I encounter on the soles of my own two feet. We’ll start the journey with some perspective as I reexplore and narrate my own adventures. Not to brag but in 2015 I ran barefoot across the United States, and in 2018 from Mexico to Canada (I wore sandals sometimes so maybe that one doesn’t count). I’ll also cover general interest topics such as the sport of ultrarunning, but with my own spin. For instance – why do we always talk about running? Especially these days when endurance PEDESTRIANISM reaches such insane distances that there’s no comparing a 5k to a 5000k, or Usain Bolt to Yannis Kurros. Don’t know those names?  Gosh – I wish there was a podcast you could link into for entertaining and informative monthly episodes about the history of ultrarunning… oh wait! That’s one of our featured topics! The name of this podcast is NO ONE RUNS ALONE. It’s derived from my experiences traveling across the USA by foot and thumb. During more than six years I spent in voluntary homelessness, I was supported by hundreds of strangers, all across the country. I was often picked up on the side of the road and brought back to peoples’ homes, to their families and private lives. Those experiences left a profound impression on me, and I am very excited, and honored, to have lined up interviews with many of the individuals and families I met during my travels.  I’m Barefoot Jake Brown, reminding you that no one runs alone. Please visit my website and explore my online network. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/noranet/message
  1. No One Runs Alone – Episode 1 – Introduction & Premise
  2. No One Runs Alone (Trailer)

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